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How many building units do you want to charge for?
Number of building units

Building units are e.g. flats, offices, workshops or other usable units that can be rented out individually.

Available soon

zevvy Basic

For inexpensively managed properties



per year for 1 building unit:s excl. VAT (value added tax).

Compatible with all manually read meter systems

This applies in particular to existing properties that bill according to fixed allocation keys such as m2 or if existing meters are to be used. Up to one meter reading per day can be entered manually.

Heating costs

Bill heating costs according to the current standards or according to your guidelines.

Hot water

Allocation of hot water either as a branch of the room heating or entirely separately.

Cold water

Allocation of cold water.

Solar power (ZEV)

You can distribute solar electricity to individual users directly at no extra charge.

User-defined service charges and bills on account

Create service charge invoices for caretaking, gardening, refuse collection and many other service charges. This is done according to m2 or the number of building units.

Automatic user change and vacancies

zevvy automatically creates separate billing statements for vacancies. Even for condominiums, one owner per unit can be stored in order to settle invoices for vacancies.

If there is a change of tenant, the statements are automatically divided and shown. The measurement data is interpolated to the date of the move.

Invoice PDF ready for dispatch

The billing statements are provided to you as professional PDFs. Look up how the last statements were made at any time.


A QR code payment slip is directly integrated.


You can access all PDF billing statements of the last 5 years at any time.

Available anytime and anywhere

zevvy is available as online software anytime and anywhere. You can access it with any standard computer.

Control overview with algorithm for data control

We guide you through the billing process and send immediate notifications if our algorithm has detected possible errors.

Automatic updates

You never have to worry about an update. We do this automatically online.

Transfer costs to users

Are you a landlord, administrator or building owner? Then you can transfer the costs of our zevvy software directly to your users as ancillary costs.

Available soon

zevvy Lite

For real estate with 2 automated cost types



per year for 1 building unit:s excl. VAT (value added tax).

All the functions of the zevvy Basic version.

When upgrading, all your data remains available.

2 cost types with automated measurement data

Complex cost types are water, heating, charging station or solar systems, which are mapped and usually measured with meters. Non-complex cost types are e.g. caretaker, refuse or lift service subscription. The data is transferred via API interface. This eliminates the need for manual readout. Compatible data partners can be found under Interfaces & Partners.

Customize invoice PDF

Change color, language or logo of your invoice PDF.

Automated measurement data

You can connect different smart meters and import values automatically.

Bexio connection for up to 50 building units

Send the invoices for up to 50 user units from zevvy to Bexio and create invoices automatically. For more than 50 building units, please contact us to activate the zevvy Pro function.

Available soon

zevvy Standard

Ideal for automated complete accounting of digital real estate



per year for 1 building unit:s excl. VAT (value added tax).

All functions of the zevvy Basic and zevvy Lite versions

All your data remains available even when you upgrade.

Automate unlimited measurement data.

Measurement data is transferred via zevvy's own API or via a third-party API wizard. This includes, for example, compatible solutions from the fields of smart-home, smart-metering or energy monitoring.

Up to 5 access rights to the same property.

A maximum of 5 people may access the account. This is especially useful if you work with different people to create the billing.

Configuration help

Have you decided to use zevvy Standard? We offer a free 1-hour configuration consultation with this package.

Available soon

zevvy Pro

Special additional functions, price on request

All functions of the zevvy standard version

When upgrading, all your data remains available.

Bill e-filling stations

Solutions for e-filling stations billing can be applied directly with zevvy. (Release coming soon)

Own zevvy instance

On request, we customise the tool specifically for your needs.
This requires a separate instance and involves programming steps on our part.
A preliminary clarification is therefore important.

Garaio Rem data exchange

The files of the property management software Garaio Rem can be filled with the accounting data at zevvy.

Immotop2 data exchange

The files of the property management software Immotop2 can be filled with the accounting data in zevvy.

Rimo R5 data exchange

The files of the property management software Rimo R5 can be filled with the accounting data in zevvy.

Bexio connection for more than 50 building units

Send billing statements from zevvy to Bexio and use them to automatically create invoices.

White-labeling billing platform

Use zevvy under your own brand.

AbaImmo data exchange (under development)

The files of the property management software can be filled with the billing data at zevvy.

Bidirectional charging (In clarification)

Give consumers the opportunity to earn as they release battery capacity (Still being clarified, prototypes sought).